19 February 2005

Commercial Break

Are you fed up with catchy music spinning around in your head for hours? Are you tired of listening to those voices that everyone else says they can’t hear? Do you ever get that feeling you’re being watched, but the only thing you can see that has eyes is a teddy bear in the corner of the room, which seems to be getting darker, smaller... the walls closing in...?!

What you need is Othan-Q4’s NEW Mind-Mending Emulsion! All you have to do is apply a blob of Othan-Q4 to the included BrainBrush™ and gently scrub your mind clean in minutes!

Yes, that’s Othan-Q4 Mind-Mending Emulsion. Available at all good (and bad) retailers. Always read the libel.

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Anonymous Anonymous Said...  
I hear explosions all the time. And the voices of dead clowns. Do you think it'll help?
Blogger Pop! Said...  
Ah, we have a volunteer for a demonstration! ManWhore, with a name like that, you must be in dire need of our Mind-Mending Emulsion. Why don't you take a FREE week's supply of the stuff and contact us in seven days to tell us how much your grip on reality has improved! (Othan-Q4 reserves the right to delete, without notice, all responses that report the failure of the product.)

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