16 February 2005

Double Trouble with Tiny Tickles

We are proud to be able to introduce the first proper programme ever to be broadcast on Tiny Tickle UnRado: How To Make A Tiny Tickle:

Assuming that you are a mere human being, it is impossible for you to actually make a Tiny Tickle. You can, however, achieve a pretty good idea of what a Tiny Tickle would look like if it ever felt inclined to hang around in a three-dimensional Euclidean space.

For your benefit, we have carefully, cunningly, cautiously and curiously devised a set of algebraic formulae for computing the exact shape of a Tiny Tickle in n-dimensional space, and solved them all for when the variable n has a value of three. The resulting high-precision description is immensely technical and is not for the faint of heart, nor for the faint of mind. Listeners with a history of soap-opera watching are advised to block their ears now.
  1. Hold one hand with the palm facing downwards,
  2. Curl it up into a fist,
  3. Stick out the index finger so that it is straight,
  4. Curl the index finger slightly,
  5. Do the Hokey Cokey and turn around,
  6. That’s what it’s all about.
You will now find yourself in possession of an image that strongly resembles a Tiny Tickle. Listeners whose hands are fewer than one in number are advised to find a friend who is prepared to risk his or her life in order to demonstrate this difficult procedure.

And now for the second installment of our impromptu series on Tiny Tickles: How To Train A Tiny Tickle To Tickle Tiny Things:

You may be relieved to discover that the scientific methods described in this edition are somewhat simpler than those described previously.
  1. Don’t do it.
Tune in next time for more cra-a-a-a-zy capers!

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Anonymous Anonymous Said...  
Hey hey Mark!
*grins* loving this post. Especially the ref to Euclidean space.
Happy blogging,
--Jingle Bella
Blogger Pop! Said...  
*Fanfare*Tiny Tickle UnRadio has recieved its first ever comment!

Thank you, that'll do, no photographs please... although quite why anyone would want to photograph their radio anyway...
Anonymous Anonymous Said...  
Can't get a word in, dad's always talking.

Son of Tiny Tickle

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