24 February 2005

A Listener Cook's Letter On America

A cook, who has been tuning into our unradio station on an unregular basis ever since we started broadcasting, has taken it upon himself to write us a short letter on the subject of America:

Dear Tiny Tickle UnRadio,

I have recently discovered that Americans call a trapezium a "trapezoid" and a trapezoid a "trapezium." This is odd.

Yours faithfully,
Arthur Nugens Brockson

The catering department at Broadcasting Basement would at this point be very English and offer our listeners a nice cup of tea, were it not for two slight problems:
  1. The development of the HTTP (Hot Tea Transfer Protocol) has been suspended whilst the beta testers recover from their respective burns. (They were warned them that the system wasn't watertight yet.)
  2. Tea has been scientifically proven to be disgusting. We should know; we're scientists. Chemical tests have revealed tea to be little more than partially decomposed vegetable matter heated in an aqueous solution of dihydrogen monoxide.

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Blogger Jingle Bella Said...  
Tea is brilliant.
Anonymous Anonymous Said...  
All of the world's major decisions have been made over a cup of tea.

The Americans were so keen on the drink that they tried to turn the sea into one great big tea pot in Boston.

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