27 February 2005

Many Manic Musings

Inspired by our previous programme, thousands of listeners have written in with their own intriguing questions. We are pleased to have the privilege of reading out the ones that were not mixed up with the laundry by mistake.

First up, Peter Gromsfeldt from Miccleshire asks: "Why do Blue Peter call sticky-tape sticky-backed-plastic when the sticky side is the front, not the back?" Indeed, Peter, why do they?

Janet Arseonionne from Hoverford On Madeupton writes in with the perennially puzzling "Where have my scissors gone again?"

And Stephen Shaw from sunny Staines writes from beyond the grave with the question we've all asked at some point in our lives (or deaths)... "Why is flem spelt phlegm?"

If you feel that you know the answer to one of these questions or wish to pose a question of your own, please write to us at:

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Comments: 5

Blogger Jingle Bella Said...  
The scissors are in the breadbin.

Don't ask. Just a word of warning: you should get your five-year-old treatment before his fascination with blades develops much further.
Blogger Pop! Said...  
*looks in the breadbin* Ahah! Now I know how my five-year-old made cheese 'n' sellotape sandwiches...

Listeners should be informed that Jingle Bella is referring specifically to the inner children at Broadcasting Basement, who live within the hearts and minds of our employees, and also do the catering.
Blogger Blinky The Potato Girl Said...  
My scissors are held together by sticky-front-plastic.

All Blue Peter presenters are backwards.

My comment has been succesfully shaved.
I don't want to collapse the comments. The poor comments might get squashed.

Why are there never any silent 'i's?
Blogger Pop! Said...  
Intriguing. Ladies and gentlemen, the second edition of Many Manic Musings will be entitled More Manic Musings and will feature more questions and answers. Contributions are welcome.
Blogger ghosty Said...  

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