15 February 2005

We're On Air!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and anybody who doesn’t fit into the four aforementioned categories, hello and welcome to Tiny Tickle UnRadio! We’re the only radio station that isn’t! Yes, it’s true: We’re a radio station that doesn’t make a sound! We have no music, we have no talk shows, we don’t even broadcast time signals digitally on shortwave... What we offer is available from no other unradio stations: Mark! And not just any Mark. Yes, this one distinctive individual, writing as though part of a small conglomeration of like-minded eccentrics, will be sure to keep you almost constantly entertained whilst pummelling you with insight after insight of potentially useful information, carefully written and presented in absurdly long but nonetheless coherent sentences. Coming up, in no particular order, we have:
  • How To Make A Tiny Tickle,
  • How To Train A Tiny Tickle To Tickle Tiny Things,
  • How To Reuse Your Gregorian Calendars... and...
  • What Is A Tiny Tickle Anyway?
Don’t touch that dial, folks!

Comments: 5

Anonymous Anonymous Said...  
When does a mark become a blogspot?

Can you push it under the table with your foot or even sweep it under the carpet?
Anonymous Anonymous Said...  
Wonderful programme, and it saves on electricity too.
Anonymous Anonymous Said...  
I didn't listen to TTUR again last night.
Anonymous Anonymous Said...  
Your choice of music is beyond comparison.
Anonymous Anonymous Said...  
Wouldn't change a word. Such iambic pentameter has not been heard before.

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