18 February 2005

What Is A Tiny Tickle Anyway?

Tiny Tickles are a species that occupies higher-dimensional space. They evolved millions of years ago from the primordial fluff of the Carpet Dimensions and make a distinctive “goodge-goodge-goodge” noise when tickling things. They are particularly adept at tickling because they have five limbs, one of which doubles as a head. The head features a pair of eyes, each of which is capable of seeing the world in four dimensions, and a nose sensitive enough to detect many of the incredibly complex molecules that inhabit their habitable habitat.

Tiny Tickles were first discovered in 1441 by a certain Marcus Ghostus Dutch-Birdcageus who kept their existence secret, for he knew that human civilisation was not yet mature enough to accept the existence of other sentient life forms. In 1993, Marcus’ fears were proven correct when the racing driver and part-time villain Richard Dastardly accidentally ran over a Tiny Tickle, having carelessly shifted his racing car into reverse gear at the starting line of a televised event. Dastardly, in a rare display of kindness, was seen to get out of his car, pick up the Tiny Tickle and carry it into the nearest First Aid tent. What the crowd did not see, however, was Dastardly swallowing the Tiny Tickle whole, the moment they were out of sight.

Fortunately for this particular Tiny Tickle, it managed to slide gromways (like sideways, but in an extra dimension) out of Dastardly’s throat and escaped into the weirderness. Quite why Richard swallowed the creature, we may never know. Quite why Tiny Tickle UnRadio broadcast this programme, we may also never know...

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Anonymous Anonymous Said...  
Your updating puts me to shame ... though in my defense I have been Dealing With Important Paperwork.

--Jingle Bella
(who is loving the style of this blog)
Anonymous Anonymous Said...  
Such a pity to reveal so much. Once Tiny Tickles are in the public domain they will be changed for ever.

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