09 March 2005

More Manic Musings

We would like to thank listeners for their numerous responses to our earlier Manic Musings.

First of all, a curious commentator called Carl Cringeworth recently discovered Mrs Arseonionne's scissors in the bread-bin. This could explain how the inner five-year-olds made cheese 'n' sellotape sandwiches for lunch on that fateful scissor-vanishing day. Listeners should be informed that we are referring specifically to the inner-children at Broadcasting Basement, who live within the hearts and minds of our employees, and also do the catering.

A frequent listener, who doesn't go by the name of Lumble Gibberford, asks, "Why are there no silent i's?" Hmm... An intriguing question. Could it be that there are many thousands of silent letters, but that they're so quiet that we fail to notice them? Then again, how many eyes have you heard anyway? She also adds, "My scissors are held together by sticky-front-plastic," and, "All Blue Peter presenters are backwards." From the sound of things, it's best to steer clear of this person.

Personally, I would also like to know how it is that words are made of letters, yet letters are made of words. If any of you know the answers to these questions, you know the address! We now return you to your irregularly-scheduled bouts of inter-transmissional white noise... shhhhhhhhh...

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Blogger Flare Said...  
I don't get it...But I'll certainly keep an eye on the scissors from now on. And well done for going against the flow of MSN Spaces by using Blogspot! Down with Microsoft! and all that.

*UnTunes radio*

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