19 June 2005

Naughty Neglect

We regret that Tiny Tickle UnRadio has recently neglected to broadcast. This is because of the unfortunate fact that Broadcasting Basement was struck by a mass examination on 9th June. Furthermore, each time we attempted to recover from the ensuing chaos we were once again struck down by further examinations. Normal service will be resumed as soon as our employees have finished performing their alarmingly accurate "gibbering wreck" impersonations.

05 June 2005

Screwy Science

Doctor September Hammer Grewbles-Fiddleshire McSergeant of the newly formed Ministry of Silly Names has notified Tiny Tickle UnRadio's Powers That Be of a website dedicated to silly molecule names. The Powers That Be, being intensely technophobic, tried to delete the site but succeeded only in disabling their computers rather severely. Consequently, they are unable to prevent us from informing you of the site...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's called Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names and it has not one, not two, but three pages!

We hope you enjoy your stay. Please keep off the grass and dispose of all litter in the waste receptacles provided. Please note that Doctor McSergeant is not affiliated with herself in any way. Thank you.