09 March 2006

Superific Kustomised Broadcasting System

Hello and welcome once again to Tiny Tickle UnRadio! We’re celebrating our 33rd broadcast with the introduction of our new improved Superific Kustomised broadcasting system. Its numerous shining improvements include:
  • Louder colours so that users of poorly-maintained reception equipment can hear us better. However, we still recommend that listeners who haven’t already done so should invest in decent monitors and ensure that each monitor is installed with optimal programme output in mind;
  • Implementation of an “external stylesheet,” which speeds up programme transmission by doing away with the previous requirement that each host eat a part of their script before being allowed to speak; and
  • Slightly fewer technical bugs—not that you cared. This really is an achievement in itself, though, since it’s very hard to remove bugs from systems that you have little control over. In our case, management outsourced them to an obscure little company called Blogger. Unfortunately, with so many bugs remaining, we’re still not fully compliant with W3C (World Wide Waveband Censors) regulations—but don’t tell them that! Yarr! Jim-lad!
Coming up we have, in no particular order:
  • Peculiar Poetry Strikes Again—Another mess of miserably mangled meta-musical monologues;
  • The Blacksmith’s Hammer Strikes Again—Another mess of anachronistic antics with the ever-anomalous Anvil Boy; and
  • A Week Away’s World—A look at the cutting-edge technology of tomorrow’s world. In the first gadget-crazy show we’ll be putting Digital Guesswork’s Artificial Cleverness system to the test!
So stay tuned and don’t touch that dia—Fffzrt-Tp...