08 February 2009

Space-Time-Bending Story

To mark our 42nd transmission, Sydney Sodno the singer-songwriter from Stanwell-Upon-Sea has written a song about his bedroom! He borrowed the tune from The NeverEnding Story, though. (Naughty Sydney.) Anyway, here goes:

Turn around
Look at what you see
In this place
The paper piled in reams
Precious junk is everywhere
Hidden in plain sight
But some of the pages
Tell the outline of a space-time-bending story...

Where to start?
Try a vacuum clean...
Piece by piece
My things become dust-free...
But where can I keep them?
Put them back onto the mounds
For I would rather tell you
Tell the outline of a space-time-bending story...

“Leave from here”
My parents often say...
“Be a man
“It’s time you earned some pay...”
But it is no secret
I’d rather write of special trams
Inside them many people
Have adventures in a space-time-bending story...
Space-time-bending story...