15 January 2012

Introducing Paleozoic PhotoPro™

Sponsored by Cambrian Cameras™ — Do you need a button that adds creativity to your photos? Do you want to add nostalgia to last week’s snaps? Yes you do!

With Paleozoic PhotoPro™ your art can suggest your camera was:

  • Dropped down a 16 storey spiral staircase
  • Smothered in grease and ignited
  • Buried in a garden with a high water table

Make your photos look like they’ve been:

  • Shot with a finger over the lens
  • Taken through a flimsy maroon carrier bag
  • Torn in half and taped back together

We’re innovating ahead of our competitors! Anticipating the day when the cheapest digital camera you can buy would make today’s professionals green with envy, we are developing filters to authentically simulate patented retro digicam effects such as:

  • Dirt On The Sensor
  • Dead Pixels & Hot Pixels
  • Scratched Plastic Phone Camera Lens
  • Virtual JPEG Artefacts
  • 640 × 480 Resolution — or for extra nostalgia: 352 × 288 Mode
  • Red-Eye Simulation via Advanced Face Detection
  • 50× Digital Zoom with Realistic Camera Shake
  • Authentic Webcam-Style Sepia Tone

Buy now and save 10% in our online store with the coupon code MOREMEGAPIXELSALWAYSGOOD

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