29 March 2005

Likeable Links

Broadcasting Basement advises against the use of the Internet. However, we have recently become aware of a minority of our listeners and employees who are interested in such technological hoo-ha and would like to recommend a few sites over the coming CUT (Convenient Unit of Time.)

Firstly, for fools with computers who like reading about other fools with computers, there's RinkWorks' Computer Stupidities section and TechTales' vast archives. We have been informed that TechTales suffers from irritatingly flickery advertisements and wish to suggest the following workaround:

To view the archive of a specific month, visit http://techtales.com/YYYY_MM_tft.html where MM is the two-digit month and YYYY is the year. For example, to visit the archive from May 1999, you'd visit http://techtales.com/1999_05_tft.html

That's all for now, but remember, this station's still alive and kicking, so stay tuned!

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