25 April 2007

Wolfing Of The Liver

Tiny Tickle UnRadio recently received the following correspondence:

Dear Dr Flazenbea,

Regarding your recommended course for reducing wolfing of the liver, I would like to request further medication. Is it possible, perchance, that you might increase my dosage from 1 mg per day to 14 mg as there is just not enough to go around.

I am indebted to you, doctor, for drawing my attention to the labels of my bottles, upon which the words, “To be consumed by prescribee only”, are printed. However, my cat, Millie does so adore the taste of Koxifrillin in the morning, you see, and one does not wish to disappoint.

Alas, she has developed an unfortunate tendency to emit butterflies from her nostrils, besides the occasional woodpecker from her right ear. I would not complain but for the wanton rifling this causes her fur.

Could you, please, find within your heart the ink with which to write myself a more generous prescription? Oh, look, that man is on the telly!

Yours sincerely,
Mat (Matilda) Everest
x x x

Matilda, if you are listening right now, the next piece of music is for you...

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