24 April 2005

Commercial Break 3

What? You think we're broadcasting adverts more frequently? No! It's an illusion caused by the acceleration of time as people age.

Artistic Licenses are now available! From 1st of Nocturnalember 2132 onwards, it will be illegal to call yourself an artist without a valid Artistic License. The Bureaux d'Artistic Licenses recommends that you get your license as soon as possible in order to maximise their profits.


Yellow Smellow for sale! Nobody knows what it is, so it's going for rock-bottom prices! Our prices are so low you'll think we're ex-employees of Carpet Marpet Mania Warehouse! Call us now on 08745, 12 Sandstone Avenue, 85 84 83, Uxbridge UB40 1D10T. Calls are charged at the intergalactic rate. This may completely remove your statutory rights.

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Blogger Sparkle Said...  
But where do you get the licenses from? I have my application form and money at the ready.

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