29 April 2005

Likeable Links: The Massive Misinformation Special

In response to the overwhelming listeners' response we didn't receive, the Likeable Links section returns today with links to Uncyclopedia.org -- your free source of useless misinformation -- and to one of the largest electronic games in the world -- which we like to call Titanic Tetris. A conceptual cousin of this particular incarnation of Tetris is the infamous Nintendo Game Man.

Also on the subject of useless misinformation, we'll tell you about the P-SUPE project, which doesn't exist. Many entertainment systems are designed to use large screens, but with small, portable electronics in mind. The P-SUPE (Portable Screen; UnPortable Electronics) project breaks free from this trend. A P-SUPE screen is so small that later prototypes have been incorporated into wristwatches -- often replacing the date window or the number 12 -- whilst the control circuitry consists of 1650s-style thermionic vacuum valves and takes up the lower 18 floors of P-SUPE Headquaters, which was built on a disused oil rig in the North Sea in the early 1700s.

Dr Stacie Dunkford II, mother of P-SUPE, will have a revolutionary idea in 2547 whilst drinking Lynn's Drink. She will then traveled (time travel grammar is difficult) back in time to 1704 and left detailed instructions for her ancestors to begin making P-SUPE. And the rest is history. Tune in next time for something completely similar.

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Blogger Blinky The Potato Girl Said...  
Tee hee...

Some misinformation: The ladybird that doesn't sit on my mousemat on Sundays recently completed a crossword except for 19 down (which was in fact 'coruscate') DESPITE the fact that she has yet to read and write.


A leg shows great commitment to your work.
Blogger Jingle Bella Said...  
I like Pea Soup. Well, I think I do. I remember Lois describing how to make it, in History. It all seems to be involved with a bit of onion and lots of peas and a zoozzer.

Uncyclopedia was fun ... I spent some time on there surfing the other day :) thanks for the recommendation, Mark.

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