03 May 2005

This Is A Public Announcement

Listeners are advised to note that rubber ducks, as used in bath tubs worldwide, are now mandatory in certain parts of Egypt and England. Ducks must be made from high quality duck molecules. Random inspections will result in the prosecution of any bather not found to be in possession of a suitably rubbery and ducky object.

We have received queries regarding the acquisition of artistic licenses. The correct address to send applications to is Eric, 29 Acacia Road. Yes, it's a short address, but your letter is guaranteed* to get there if it contains an ice cube.

*Despite our use of the word "guaranteed", we cannot be held responsible for any letters that fail to reach their destination when the UnIverse ceases to exist, which will be in about 16 seconds. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible...

...And now, the weather forecast.

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Blogger Blinky The Potato Girl Said...  
Oooooohhhhh... I see.
What about showering? Do showers require the presence of a rubber duck or would a rubber swan suffice?

Blogger Sparkle Said...  
I think have a plastic duck somewhere, and in fact as far as I am aware, most rubber ducks are injection moulded vinyl, but maybe that's just me. Does this mean that a person found to own a rubber duck made of plastic is sued under the trade descriptions act, or fined for not having a rubbery enough duck. Also, is gluing a rubber to it enough to pass the rubbery tests?
Anonymous Anonymous Said...  
To what parts of England do you refer? I need to know if I am to stock up on ducks of rubber.

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