19 June 2005

Naughty Neglect

We regret that Tiny Tickle UnRadio has recently neglected to broadcast. This is because of the unfortunate fact that Broadcasting Basement was struck by a mass examination on 9th June. Furthermore, each time we attempted to recover from the ensuing chaos we were once again struck down by further examinations. Normal service will be resumed as soon as our employees have finished performing their alarmingly accurate "gibbering wreck" impersonations.

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Blogger Jingle Bella Said...  
They wanted you in an exam this morning. Mr M. was calling for "Mark *******-thingmebob" (Mr H. corrected him). After a few minutes I realised that you probably shouldn't have been in that exam and told him ... but it was a little interesting all the same.
Blogger Pop! Said...  
Mark *******-thingmebob was not scheduled to attend an exam this morning but he thanks you for informing him of this mysterious educational and examinational error.
Blogger Blinky The Potato Girl Said...  
You should have come along and taken my P5 and P6 exams! It would have been fun!

Blogger Pop! Said...  
What's this? Sneaking liminal mathematical messages into my mind? How dare you!

"What does 'liminal' mean?" I hear you ask... Simple. It means "between subliminal and superliminal." Duh.

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