01 July 2005

The BBC Is About To Die

The news: The BBC is about to die. That is to say, its Cult website is about to close.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: Broadcasting Basement’s bigger brother, Britain’s British Broadcasting Corporation, is about to close its extremely popular world-famous website for no apparent reason. Please join us and send them an official complaint. Those who request a reply should be aware that the BBC bounces any replies to their reply. If that annoys you, you’d better use another official complaint as your reply.

Some complainers have complained quite unnervingly passionately. Indeed, one particularly frustrated complainer was heard to complain:

Do not close the Cult site. We are forced to fund you by law. It is your job to keep the Cult site up for us. You have provided no good reasons for taking it down and are acting disgustingly carelessly. Tell the mindless fools who want the Cult site removed that they should resign immediately because they are unfit for any career more intellectually demanding than that of Crash Test Dummy.”

...And is reportedly in the process of writing a longer complaint.

If you wish to complain about the manner with which Tiny Tickle UnRadio has covered this issue, please instead complain to the BBC for causing this shameful issue in the first place. More news at eleven. Eleven what? Nobody knows.

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Blogger Blinky The Potato Girl Said...  
I sense some anger here.
Perhaps the Tiny Tickle staff were also fans?


Blogger Blinky The Potato Girl Said...  
Or perhaps Tiny Tickles lived in between the lines at this website. I was glancing through the Buffy section and I think I might have caught a glimpse of one.

Blogger Pop! Said...  
Anger? Anger! Never!

Tiny Tickles tend to try to stay hidden when they traverse websites. However, one may become visible briefly if its adaptive camoflage suit needs recharging.

And hey, people are still UnTuning in to Tiny Tickle UnRadio! That means the haven't all got bored and wandered off ... This calls for a new post. Possibly on anvils.
Blogger Blinky The Potato Girl Said...  
Ooh, anvils. Yummy.

Blogger Jingle Bella Said...  
Yummy anvils? Can they be made of white chocolate?

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