27 October 2005

Commercial Breakage

Don't you just hate the way grime and grease get everywhere?
Wouldn't you prefer it if the grime and grease weren't there?
In that case, try new Grime 'N' Grease B'Ware!

Just spray it on and it'll scare the dirt away by being absolutely horrible. Duh duh duuuuh! Another insensitive product from Sillit Explosion.


You know when you go to an anvil rental shop like, say, Blockruster? You rent an anvil or two for a few nights but then you have to give them back. Isn't taking things back to the shop such a waste of time? Introducing new self-destructing anvils.

When you rent a self-destructing anvil it comes in an air-tight plastic bag. You take it out of the bag to use it and after a few days of exposure to air it rusts, becoming useless. It's a rental anvil you don't have to take back! What a time-saver!

Of course, we have taken the environmental impact into account. We can't have millions of tonnes of rusty anvils dumped into landfill every month so we've arranged a recycling programme. You'll find recycling collection points in almost every anvil rental shop, so when your rental anvil has destructed, you simply take it back to the shop!

Simple. Clever. New. Useful. Self-destructing anvils. Bing!

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Blogger Blinky The Potato Girl Said...  
Wow =D That's just amazing!
I will copy Carol and comment in further depth later.

Blogger Blinky The Potato Girl Said...  
Hee hee, I must admit, the Silit Explosion product sounds somewhat familiar... I do believe I have used cleaning sprays that work on being absolutely awful. Scent-wise, at least.

My local Blockruster doesn't have a collection point... I have to go all the way to the next town to return it...

Blogger Sparkle Said...  
My local Blockruster doesn't stock size 2 Anvils anymore, and their supply of the smaller sizes is also poor. Their being priced out of the market by Anvils-R-Us just outside the town centre. How can I stick up for the little guy and help my local anvil store against the oppresion of the International Capitalism of the Anvil market?
Blogger Blinky The Potato Girl Said...  
Any chance of a Mark update soonish?
No pressure or anything, just you've gone rather quiet.


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