24 May 2005


Hey kidzes, velcome to Cheeldren's Broadcasteeng Basement; ther show dedeecated to all you little schnoockles. Theese week we have a great neew programme called Benn & Beell. It's starting now. Turn ther volyoom up so that you can heer them!

Benn: Bob.
Beell: Blabb?
Benn: Flobadob.
Beell: Flob-bob blob.
Benn: Gobbob...
Wood: Woooooood!
Beell: No, it's "Wood"
Wood: Wooooood?!
Beell: Say "Wood"
Benn: Quiet, you're ruining the carefully-crafted script -- err, I mean blobba-wobba... err... Screw it. If anybody wants me I'll be in my trailer...

Yah, vas that not good, kidzes? Cheeldren's programmes is so cleverly wreetten. Vell, bye bye now. Tune in ther next time!

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Blogger Sparkle Said...  
Lol, I like it, I can't wait for the next episode.
Blogger Blinky The Potato Girl Said...  
Bloobed mooped? Bobety blum.


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